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Relines and repairs are a necessity in maintaining complete and partial dentures. When a patient’s dentures or partials are not cemented into place it can create discomfort constantly moving and rocking while it sits in the patient’s mouth. Relines and repairs can fix even minor movement, improving comfort, fit, and overall patient satisfaction. It is recommended that patients visit for a check up with you to properly adjust their full and partial dentures every year or two for the best function. At OD’s Dental Laboratory, we also use state-of-the-art material to eliminate the typical soft denture liners that discolor and delaminate. It is our mission to provide quality service to you and your patients. Inform your patients about reline to prevent dental damage that might cause rebasing of the whole denture to fit correctly, or have to repair denture cracks and loose clasps or metal. Visit our denture accessories page to learn more about cast palates to prevent damage to full dentures.

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