Cosmetic and Flexible Partials

Customizable Cosmetic and Flexible Partials in Tustin, CA

Enhance the appearance of your patient’s smile with cosmetic and flexible partials. Aesthetically pleasing and comfortable we offer cosmetic dentures that are cost-effective, without compromising its function. Using top of the line material, our restorations are superior to conventionally-made dentures. The natural appearance of flexible partial dentures are customized at our lab to blend effortlessly with the patient’s natural teeth and gums. Our cosmetic and flexible partials are also completely metal-free, opposed to the traditional dentures, accounting for any allergies patients may have to certain metals. Cosmetic and flexible partials also require minimal preparation.

ODs Dental Laboratory- Tustin, CA- Cosmetic Flexible

Full Dentures

Replacing Missing Teeth

Night Guards & Stayplates

Comfortable Mouth Protectors

Partial Dentures

Restoring Natural Smiles

Dental Crowns

Restoring Damaged Teeth


  • Valplast Partial – Complete – with frame work & Kenson teeth or with Vitallium 2000 frame
  • Valplast Rebase
  • Valplast Process/Finish – your set-up
  • Valplast clasp added to existing frame
  • Thermoflex Partial – Complete, with framework
  • Lucitone FRS Partial – Complete, with framework
  • T.C.S. With Frame
  • T.C.S. Partial – Complete
  • Cu-Sil Partial Dentures - Designed as a partial overdenture for those not completely lack teeth. Fitted to go over existing, healthy remaining teeth.

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